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QF White 505

QF white 505 quartz

ABSOLUTE white 400

ABSOLUTE white 400 quartz

CLOUDY white 615

CLOUDY white 615 quartz

VEINED Michelangelo 920

VEINED michelangelo 920 quartz

QF light beige 520

QF light beige 520 quartz

SPACCO white 450

SPACCO white 450 quartz

CLOUDY brown 605

CLOUDY brown 605

VEINED baroque 905

VEINED baroque 905

QF dark grey 515

QF dark grey 515 quartz

SPACCO black 465

SPACCO black 465 quartz

Palladio Stone are dialing only with the best engineered stone manufactures using BRETONSTONE® technology such as QuartzformsCaesarstoneVicostone and Silestone.

You can be sure that our countertops always meet the latest standards and your requirements.

Quartz - Engineered stone

Quartz agglomerate is a material produced in the form of slabs of 304 x 140 cm using Bretonstone® system technology and a special process of “vacuum vibro-compression process”. The slabs are manufactured by mixing pure quartz (about 94% in weight) with inert bonding agent (6%) and pigments. Quartz engineered stone has the ideal characteristics for use in the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz slabs preserve their own original physical-mechanical properties, which are:

 • anti-scratch, wear resistant, chemical resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant and hygienic thanks to the non-porous surface; 

• high resistance to mechanical stresses substantially superior to that of natural stone such as compression, flexural, impact and thermal shock; 

• absorption of liquids basically in-existent; 

• high resistance to compression and flexion; 

• uniformed coloring, indispensable in the field of furnishings for the creation of kitchen counters and bathroom tops and furnishings in general; 

• easy maintenance (does not require the application of any kind of treatment); 

• long-term availability; 

• good dimensional and chromatic stability; 

• vast range of colours to meet all possible needs. 

 click here to know about CARE AND MAINTENANCE of quartz engineered stone countertops

kitchen and bathroom engineered stone counter top, are ideal for design your kitchen and bathroom tops making the best surface resistant to liquid and scratches. Kitchen and bathroom  counter top made from quartz can be transform from slab with special machine. engineered stone slabs make your kitchen and bathroom counter top unique.