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True marble was originally limestone that has been altered by heat and pressure over time. These materials originally deposited as unconsolidated sediments under water by chemical precipitation and by living organisms, have been buried, heated and subject to huge confining pressures over lengthy periods of time. Such processes of metamorphism have transformed the limestone to a denser, harder crystalline rock......Marble!

All our Marble counter tops are treated with Absolute Shield®.

Absolute Shield® from the knowledge and experience of aerospace research,is a very thin layer of silica that is completely invisible and makes the surface non-absorbent;  this finishing guarantees to counter tops the best protection against dirt and aggressive agents.
This is the perfect treatment for highly precious and delicate natural stone such as marble, slate and travertine where acidic and staining substances can damage the marble counter tops. This treatment protects marble from the most common aggressive agents in foods, making the surface stain-resistant and of unrivaled practicality. Absolute Shield® is a permanent treatment that is integrated in all our marble counter tops.


First choice slab of Marble counter tops ideal for hotel, kitchen and bathroom. Palladio Stone only use first choice slab of Marble slab and transform this natural stone in beautiful counter tops. Hotel are often using Marble slab for interior and exterior design. Customers can appreciate this beauty slab natural stone in hotel, kitchen and bathroom. Our marble stone are only selected from first choice grade.

It's very important use First Choice marble in fabrication. If marble are not first choice customers can notice differences in thickness on the kitchen, bathroom and hotel counter tops.